One Dream

Found this poem from 1986!! To have one dream…

The Pain of Life

You are worthy of love. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told or how you’ve been treated, or even how you’ve treated yourself. You are worthy of love. Accept it today.


A poem I wrote a month after I was married.

Your Love

Unfinished poem about God’s love for me. I have reached a block with it so I am posting for record-keeping and will address later.

Connected but Disconnected

A few thoughts on what God may think when He looks down on us and sees us being disconnected from Him.

The Miscarriage

A friend of mine had a miscarriage last summer. This was my way of processing her hurt while we worked through the emotions. Since it involved two friends creating a child, I was having a really hard time with how one of them was responding and hurt very badly for my friend and her loss. She lost not just the baby but a close friend of hers who was the father. 

Dear White Man,

Over the last year I can’t help but notice the growing divide in race relations and how the white man as a whole is missing from conversations to bring unity instead of further divide. These were some thoughts I jotted down one night after another shooting occurred and I heard some remarks from white men about how minorities were responding.

Love Is

A poem about what love really looks like in my opinion.