The Walk

Writing prompt response about a walk.

The Dream

Free writing exercise with a half hour limit in response to a prompt about relationships.

By the Pool

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 7: Family Consciousness, is to write an 800 word story from the point of view of a family. I have always been the type of person who wants to know the story behind the supporting characters within a story. For this piece, I chose a character who was next to the man lying on his mat at the Pool of Bethesda, who Jesus healed. I enjoyed writing it and letting my imagination run with what it must have felt like to drop your family member off at the pool and see them come home without the healing they desperately wanted, as well as from the point of view of the sick family members.

Love to Last a Lifetime

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 6: The Royal We, is to write a 600 word story from the point of view of a closely-knit couple withing using “I” in the text. I had a really hard time with this one! I went through four story ideas before settling for this one. Not one of my favorites but I hope you enjoyed it.

The Execution that Gave Life

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 5: Journalism, is to write a 700 word story (I totally blew past this word count!) in which part of the story is told through journal entries that reveal more about the author. I have to keep it from being self-absorbed and ensure the reader does not get confused, understands the events are occurring and then the writer is explaining what happened from another vantage point. That is, the events happen and the reader understands them, but then the journal entries explain another point of view that the reader didn’t see when reading the story. How did the author feel about the events? What did she perceive that others didn’t during the events?

The Perfect Day

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 4: The Unstable Self, is to write a 500 word story in which I switch from first person to third person without confusing the reader. Did I succeed? Were you clear throughout the story when I was relaying the event, when the bride was thinking, and when someone was speaking? This was not as difficult a challenge as I thought it was going to be other than I had too many ideas. I started at least four stories before sticking with this one and seeing it through.

The Runaway

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 3: Unreliable Third, is to write a 600 word story from the perspective of a witness who may not know all the details. You know the people who tell you all about how your friend’s husband is cheating on her because he saw her buying flowers for another women…except she didn’t realize that her friend’s real first name is Maria not Mary! The ones who talk about how the store down the street had a terrible fire last night and tells you all about the fire trucks arriving, only for you to find out the store’s alarm went off when an object fell within the store. Oh yes, we all LOVE the unreliable witness.

The Jumper

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 2: Imperative, is to write a 500 word story using only commands. No observations. No details. Just commands. Talk about a challenge! I wrote about three different stories halfway before I could finally finish this one and like it enough to post. Who knew learning to write from various points of view could be so challenging?

True Love

This challenge, Point of View Exercise 1: The Reluctant I, is to write a 600 word story from the first person point of view using “I” only twice. Let’s talk about HARD! I had to rewrite several times, use passive voice (which I am not a huge fan of though I do use it sometimes), and really think about what was happening in the story. I drew upon an experience from many years ago to complete this exercise. If this this is 1, can you imagine how much tougher this going to be by exercise 201!