Farewell Goodbye Poetry

Have you or those you’ve known struggled to write the right poem for the program at a loved one’s funeral? These programs are often saved for years as a memory of your loved one’s life so if you’re struggling contact Porsche at Farewell Goodbye Poetry.

Here is an example of her poetry, which I’ve been blessed to experience in person. She’s a phenomenal writer, poet, and spoken word artist who can tap into the emotions you feel but don’t know how to say.


A Poem Lasts Forever


Though breath may part,

Life imitates art

So a spirit once within,

Still lives


Though you may not see it

Like the black sea surrounded by night

You simply must believe it


Somewhere beneath the stars

Within the wind

To be gone in the physical

Can never erase

What memory can replace

Though sadly,

You hoped not

As your entire heart begins to fall apart

Until now.

Never were you afraid of the dark.

Now, until then

I’ll envision your unforgettable imprint

As Earth becomes your canvas.


Learn more about Porsche and Farewell Goodbye Poetry on her FB page. Show some love by sharing and liking this so we can encourage her to begin a blog as well! Stop by and like her FB page to help spread the word about her services.

Thanks for your support!

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