I’d Still Choose You

Sometimes when we’re talking I feel like you think I want you to be someone else,

Like you think I fell in love with you for who you’ll one day be.

But I didn’t choose you for who you are becoming but for the person who stands in front of me.

I’m not even sure I can say I chose you so much as you happened to me.

I remember sitting at a stoplight one day and catching myself with a stupid large grin on my face as I recalled something you said to me two nights earlier.

I remember waking up one morning realizing how badly I’d wanted to tell you how I felt the evening before and being thankful I’d still have a chance to do so.

I remember how I realized one day that you were inside my fortress and I didn’t know who let you in.

I also remember feeling pretty safe that you were there with me, exploring my rooms and helping me process decoration choices as we both experienced some intense life changes.

I remember all these things because despite everything, when given a choice, I’d still choose you.

I’d choose you to walk with me as we navigate what this pain feels like and why it’s so fascinating when together because there’s no one I’d rather feel pain with.

I’d choose you to stay with me when I want everyone else to go away because for some reason when we’re together everything feels okay.

I’d choose you to make sense of the world with me when it seems like everyone’s lost their mind because together we will create empires that help people resolve their differences.

I’d choose you.

Just as you are.

For who you are today.

Because you may never become all those things you want to be.

And people may never see you as more than they see you as now.

But in my world, you’ll always be King and I’ll always be willing to be your Queen because royalty doesn’t come by what you have or who you are to everyone else but is determined by your bloodline.

I’d still choose you as you are today.

For who you are today.

Because when I see you, I see my future.


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