A newly single mother with a dream and call,

She could have set off toward a world of corporate careers and financial security,

But instead she chose to follow the will of God.

A so-called “random” meeting led to a beautiful apartment for her son and her,

And she slowly and purposefully took the steps required to rebuild what appeared to some to be a broken life.

As people came and people went,

She continued to follow God’s leading,

Pastoring a small congregation,

Hosting events, and giving to Him all of her broken pieces.

As He knit her back together,

Filling the cracks with golds like the ancient art of Kintsugi,

He breathed new fire into her calling and showed her visions of greater things.

He created the beautiful masterpiece that we see before us today!

Not afraid to heal the sick in His name or

Call out demons from the oppressed,

She held His hand tightly and continued down a path that today leads her to southern cities and new worlds,

Breathing new life into pastors who want more.

She gave God her broken pieces,

And He restored her to the beauty whose 44 years we celebrate today.

In her honor, I share this with you:


broken pieces within each soul


and find your

proper place

Arise from the darkness and corners where you’ve been hiding

Come out from underneath the recesses of hidden sins

Come out from beneath the layers of words that never should have been uttered to your ears

Come out from the wounds and scars still oozing from love that hurt just a little too deeply

Shattering all you knew of unconditional and teaching you that conditions are put on everything.

Arise oh broken pieces within each soul

And kneel before the foot of the cross.

This is where your new army will rise up

And your restoration will begin

As the Savior draws you in and breathes new life into your dimensions.

Come awake oh shattered dreams

Come awake and live again.

Bring back the color that once filled your days

And the creativity that allowed your young self to roam free through the hills.

Put your arms out to the side and

Run again through the fields.

Feel the wind on your face.

Come awake oh shattered dreams and know that you can still come true.

Come alive oh lost soul

Come alive and breathe His grace and love.

What you did this morning

Matters not in this moment

But what you do right now will claim your eternity.

Consequences of our sins will always be a reality

But the location of our soul is something we choose and control.

Come alive oh love soul and let the Savior breathe life within your empty veins

And fill that void within.

Put down the needles and stop thinking about mindless sex,

Let go of grandiose dreams of stardom and let Him elevate you to places you don’t even know exist.

Let go of gossiping and backbiting,

Of manipulation and lying,

Be done with cheating and idolatrous living.

It’s time to lay down all that holds you back from being one with the Savior.

What you put aside to answer this call

Pales in comparison to what you gain in eternity.

Come alive oh lost soul

Come back to Him

All backsliders and those who have been

Hurt by unanswered prayers and

A God you feel has failed you.

Let Him wrap you in His arms and

Remind you that He knows

What is down the road

And as uncomfortable as this moment feels

It leads to a place where you answer

Someone else’s questions and fill their need.

Your struggle is not about you

But about those attached to your destiny,

So come back to Him and allow yourself and them the freedom only He can offer.

Come back to Him all backsliders and wanderers!

Arise all souls within the sound of my voice


Spring forth with victory that only He can bring you to.

Arise and shine each and every one of you

for your moment has come

Arise and shine

And see God’s glory work through you

As He restores and creates beautiful tapestries

With the lives willing to surrender to His plan.


Come forth.

And be set free!


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